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Website Design

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Discovery, Look and Feel

When approaching a new design, or redesign we take the time to discover the key focus of your business and how this can be promoted through your website.

What we think makes a successful design?

Easy to use... It's crucial that your site provides access to information in such a way that the navigation and search/find processes are immediately and easily comprehensible. Visually stimulating... Your site should present material in an open way, encouraging the viewer to make their own critical and analytical judgements about how they want to use the site and consume the content available. Balanced.... Design must apply an appropriate level of balance between content and the user experience, both are equally vital to the site and neither should outweigh or overwhelm the other.

Our design process involves a series of stages:

  • Discovery and project scoping
  • Wire-framing
  • Designing
  • Final Designs
  • Template production
  • Testing and delivery

Discovery and navigation

Website navigation should allow a site visitor to make informed choices and move about freely. Strategies for maintaining user engagement while retaining a sense of location can be mapped out during the scoping phase of the project.


Tell us your accessibility standards and we'll ensure your site is fully compliant.

Mobile / Responsive

Access to websites via mobile technology is becoming increasingly important for all types of visitor. If your site is not easily viewable on a web-ready device, or even better responsive, it should be. Get in touch to discuss your design.
What our clients have to say...
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