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WordPress Maintenance

You have your brand new shiny WordPress website that you have no doubt invested a sizable amount of money, and your own time, writing and organising content, so what next?

Your WordPress website may be a simple brochure site or an integral tool to sell and market your business, but either way, it will need ongoing maintenance. Just like when you buy a car you need budget and effort to keep it in working order – with insurance, MOT’s, servicing and so on, and so does your website.


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So what do you get?

Your WordPress site version will be updated on a regular basis by WordPress – this will be things like bug fixes and also introducing new WordPress features. Likewise, your WordPress plugins may have new versions released. To ensure that your website is performing optimally, it is important to keep your updates up to date. Our WP Maintenance package helps you to manage costs, time, and help to mitigate against any nasty surprises if an update causes an issue. For £120 + VAT per annum it includes: All WordPress Updates We’ll keep track of WordPress releasing new versions and plugin updates and update accordingly. Scheduled Back ups We’ll run daily back-ups of your website so if there is an instance where we need to roll your website back to a previous version, we have the capability to do that. Offline testing We’ll test your website once a new WordPress version has installed, and ensure that it is compatible with your various plugins. Consultancy service We offer a consultancy service that provides advice and an action plan of how to go forward if any problems occur when an update is implemented. We’ll estimate how much time will be required to fix any issues and let you decide whether we go ahead and fix the problem, or if you prefer, we can rollback your website back to its previous state from the backed up data. Security It is important to stress that by keeping your website bang up to date, you are ensuring its security - sites that are kept up to date are far less likely to be susceptible to hacking attempts. The WP Maintenance package is by no means mandatory.  If you decide not to take the package, and you experience any issues, please just call or email us and we can provide support on a case by case basis at our standard hourly rate. If you have any question, or would like any more information, please get in touch.
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