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There are many Content Management System (CMS) solutions available – choosing the one that is right for you is the challenge. It is important to consider the type of site you want to create, what your budget is, how much support you will need and your own level of expertise.

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What type of website are you creating?

CMS are extremely versatile and will lend themselves very well to practically any online presence - small businesses, educational institutions, e-commerce, blogs and so on. However, it is far more likely that your CMS will need to be multi-functional. For example, a website that promotes a service or product that also has a blog to keep current and potential site visitors informed about industry information, special offers and so on.

What do you need your CMS to do?

You'll probably have a very clear idea about what you think you want your CMS to do. From our experience we understand there is often a disparity between 'want' and 'need'. We'll help you to define exactly what the requirements are and ensure that you choose a solution that works for you - and isn't full of complicated features and becomes overwhelming to manage.


A website is a hefty investment, and you want to be sure that your website can grow with you. We'll talk to you about preparing for how your CMS will need to adjust and expand, depending on where you see your business in not just a year's time, but much further into the future......

Support from the developer community

We'll point you in the right direction regarding which plugins to choose - and we can also write plugins specifically for you.

What is your budget?

There are many free CMS platforms, such as WordPress, that will tick most boxes. We'll advise you about what budget you should expect to require for design and themeing, additional paid for plugins, if required for specific functionality, and so on. To discuss a CMS build, why not get in touch.
What our clients have to say...
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