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We are big fans of WordPress as a CMS, if it suits the project requirements.




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Why do we rate WordPress?

It pretty much does everything you would want a small to medium sized website to do. it:
  • is open source - which means it is free to use, and developers are constantly improving the platform and developing plugins that are made available freely (although some plugin versions may be paid-for)
  • is easy to install and fully customisable
  • is scalable
  • offers thousands upon thousands of plugins
  • has a huge amount of user support in the form of online forums and wikis
  • is easy to maintain
  • what more could you want?
WordPress particularly lends itself to projects that will include a lot of user generated content. We can assist you with everything from design and themeing to plugin development.

WP Maintenance Package

Along with any WordPress site we design and build or manage, we offer annual maintenance package to help you keep your site running optimally and securely. To discuss building a WordPress website, or plugin development, please get in touch.
What our clients have to say...
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